Monday, March 14, 2011

the A-Z thing

When I read Megans blogentry today, I decided to join the A-Z fun. I think you should do too !!

A Age: 19
B Bed size:  King Size
C  Chore you hate: to do the dusting. But I love to do the laundry e.g.
D Dogs: A male one. Its name is Flash
E Essential start to your day: Having a cup of tea
F  Favorite color: 
cyan, light yellow, brown and grey
G  Gold or silver: ahhh cant decide
H  Height: 5'7
I  Instruments you play:  None. Tried to play piano when I was younger.
J  Job title: temporary help at the moment.
K  Kids: No
L  Live: near Frankfurt /Germany.
M  Mom’s name: Martina.
N  Nicknames:  Dany, Cocos.
O  Overnight hospital stays: Some nights when I was younger
P  Pet peeve:
Cant even decide whats my favourite one. For example when the Nailpolish doesnt try as fast as I want it to do.
Q  Quote from a movie/show:  "You know we spent so much of our lifes, not saying the things we wanna say, the things we should say, we speak in codes and little messages,Origami. so now, plainly, simply, I want to say that I love you both very much.“ Prison Break, Final Break
R  Righty or Lefty: Righty.
S  Siblings: 2 sisters. Both younger than me.
T  Time you wake up: Around 9 a.m at the moment.
U  Underwear: I LOVE (to buy) underwear.
V  Vegetables you dislike: sprouts [urgh, disgusting]
W  What makes you run late: Cant decide what to wear is only one reason :D 
X  X-rays you’ve had: My knee most of the time.
Y  Yummy food you make: I would die for noodles with spinach and gorgonzola.
Z  Zoo animal favorite: awww. I like so many animals. But I go with penguins.



  1. i feel like doing this too, its really funny :)

  2. hey daniela
    ja das neue starbuckslogo ist so leer abr naja ich denke es ist gewöhnungssache…
    liebe grüße

  3. warts ab, die fangen auch noch an, ich hätte meinen weißen Hintergrund irgendwo kopiert :D
    ich liebe so Fragebögen<3

  4. danke für deinen lieben Kommentar :)

  5. Yay!!! I am so glad that you played along!! I love this post! :)
    I wish I had a king size bed!! Sadly, there is not enough room! :( And I LOVE that quote!!!
    Have a wonderful day friend!!


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