Wednesday, January 5, 2011

welcome 2011

happy new year to everyone (: (: hope you started very well and had a great new year eve
My boyfriend and I went to a friends house. The party was not that big. Cooking together was so much fun and it was rather a cozy evening. 

so what does 2011 keep on its hand for me? what are your resolutions ???

My passion is for handmade stuff since last year. And I will improve my skills in 2011.
 I want to create my own jewelry <3 <3 I started in December 2010 to produce earrings. And its so much fun that I decided to also try my very best with necklaces.

I´m totally in love with the Onlineshop DaWanda and it was my biggest wish to sell my own stuff there one day. 

Now I opened a shop !!! I´m so excited to present "Studying Fishes" now <3 <3
At the moment there are 10 products. But there will come more, more, more.....

Today will be a good day to go on with new creations. I like it !!!

Other resolutions are rearranging my room. I love to change my decoration and I definatly need more space for clothes, make-up, jewelry, handbags, scarfs and shoes. My wardrobe is way tooooo small. 
But I think this problem is known by nearly every girl. Like looking in the wardrobe and thinkin there is nothing in it I can wear ( although the drawer cant be closed anymore :D :D  )

In September I start my new job. And I cant wait .... 

the first days of 2011 were already nice. and I hope many more will follow (: (: 

all the best 


  1. My New Years resolution is to also start creating things! Like crochet hats:)

  2. wonderful !!! show me what your first hats look like :) :)


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