Wednesday, January 19, 2011

essence no more drama nailpolish

Next nailpolish post :) :) Its another favourite. Essence no more drama nailpolish
Light purple as you see on the photos. 
You can buy it for about 1,50€. I love the colour and I love that it is affordable. 

The handling is easy. Like every essence colour&go nailpolish. 
You need 2 coats until you have the full covering power. 
I used it soo many times now and the colour is definitely long-lasting !!!

( the necklace is my favourite one <3 <3 <3 I LOVE dragonflies )

already bought a new one ( turquoise/ light green ), so another nailpolish entry will follow soon ....


  1. Der Nagellack ist echt schön :)
    Trocknet er denn auch relativ schnell ?

  2. jap er trocknet super schnell ! wird auch beworben auf dem fläschchen :)

  3. ich hasse Sport eigentlich in jeder Stunde :D aber so spät ist es wirklich besonders schlimm :D


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